All my students receive my undivided attention.

One of the things that makes me feel proud of my career as a teacher is what one of my students once told me: “You do not realize how much you give us. After one hour lesson with you, we don’t feel the same as before”.
In my work I keep constantly updated on the latest publications on Flute Technique, Flute construction, new compositions, performances conventions, etc. We normally start our lesson playing some flute duets, to make especially beginner accustomed to ensembles.

I convey my student the meaning of music and how technique, scales, etudes are not a boring thing to do in preparation for playing real music, but the way to perfection. I approach tone development starting from my student’s own qualities and talents and help each of them develop their skills with tailor made programs.

I often use my own exercises, not found in the literature, targeting specific areas of interest.

We explore Flute literature from the Baroque to the 21st Century, learn the different styles and how to perform and to convey to the audience the sense inside the score.

Most important we not just try to perfect the Art of Flute Playing, but to make the flute a part of our body and to make flute playing as natural and instinctive as speaking.