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I’m a flute teacher, a soloist and a chamber music player.
As a teacher I pass my students both my life-time experience as flute soloist and my passion for the art of playing music. I have guided countless flute students from their first approach to the instrument, all the way to achieve technical perfection and taught them how to bring out the musician they have inside.

As a soloist, I practice every day and extend my repertoire year after year while I expand my career. Chamber music is where I co-operate with other musicians to bring together our musical ideas and convey them to the audience. 

studying flute with me

It doesn’t matter if you are a young beginner or a mature student.
My positive approach is based on listening to you first, on playing together with you and encouraging and in gradually building confidence in your playing. I will help you learn and perfect new techniques through examples, clear explanations and experiments.
I will expand your knowledge of flute literature and, if you wish so, I will help you through graded exams.

The Warren Room
all flutes plus
60-61 Warren Room
With James Galway
my career
I started playing Piano with my mother – a distinguished pianist - when I was very young, then Flute and Cello.
My father was a famous composer and he taught me Composition. After my graduation I perfected in Rome Florence and Siena.
I studied Orchestra and Choir conducting and Digital Music. I tour worldwide as a soloist and chamber music player, I have taught in Schools and Conservatories, written about flute and music and given master classes and speeches.